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tiny tots

Tiny Tots

Our club has been so fortunate to be able to accommodate a Tiny Tots program. They may be small in size but it's never too early to teach them some skills.  Most importantly though is they get to have some fun with others.  We're very thankful to Childers Family Medicine who sponsor those awesome shirts for our Tiny Tots.  That means they're free!  Wearing their uniforms helps them feel a part of the team.  If you'd like to help out with running our Tiny Tots events, please contact us.  Read more benefits under the Little A's section below. 

little a's

Little A's

By far the largest part of our club are those who are our Little Athletics.  There are so many benefits to getting children outside and active, particularly in our culture today.  When a child has a level of fitness, they feel better about themselves.  They have more energy and confidence to try new things.  Athletics provides both fun and fitness at the same time.  We aim to foster a warm a friendly environment where children are encouraged to have a go, give it their best. 


Motivation to improve can come from wanting to beat a previous PB (personal best).  Athletics is a sport where improvement is able to be tracked over the course of the season. Little Athletics develops the basic motor skills of running, jumping, walking and throwing. Developing strength, flexibility, coordination and balance provide the basic requirements of all sports. Young people who take an interest in sport are more likely to stay fit for life.  


Finally, the children in our club are awesome!  I know we may be biased but we've received feedback when at competition from other people and clubs complementing our athletes.  They're helpful, considerate and overall great sports.  They're leaving a positive impression behind them.  This is a culture we want to encourage.  Why not become a part of it today? 

big a's

Big A's

Commenced in 2016/2017 Season

This is another success story for our club.  We now have an adult athletics club as well.  This means it is possible to be a participating member of our club from 3 years of age until you decide to stop.  There's no upper age limit. Nevertheless, if you are an adult and have never participated in athletics or it's been a while, you are welcome to join.  The same benefits and opportunities afforded to Little Athletics are available to all adults as well.  It can simply be for exercise, fun and friendships or you can be competitive, the choice is yours. 


There are no minimum entry requirements, just show up and have a go.  The program is flexible so you can choose whether to participate in particular events or not.  Points are earned and awards are given at the end of the season.  So it truly is an adult athletics club with all the bells and whistles. Why not join up today? 

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