Frequently asked questions

What's included in membership? Are there additional costs?

A paid membership entitles the athlete to participate in club nights (Fridays) and training afternoons (Tuesdays during school terms) for the full season. The club does offer a competition that runs throughout the season. Click here to learn more about how it works. However, it is about participation. learning and having fun. Additionally, registered athletes are eligible to nominate for other competitions held in our area, and beyond, at a discounted rate ( due to affiliation - see note below). The most common events our club participates in each season are:

  • Spring Carnival
  • Pentathlon
  • Regional Championships
  • State Championships (if qualify from Regional Championhips).
Note that not all events are open for all ages and there are other events that athletes may choose to participate in. To find out about all events run by Little Athletics Queensland or Athletics Queensland please visit their websites (you may click on their logos at the bottom of this page). There are extra costs ( nomination fees) for these competitions. For the competitions we advertise the price will be advised under our Events Page when ready. Participation in these competitions is voluntary. Athletes ( or parents/carers) will also have to have arrange and pay for their own transport and accommodation if needed. Participation in these competitions (LAQ sponsored) require the athlete to wear the official club uniform. You can learn more and see the costs by visiting our Uniforms page. Note: We are affiliated with Little Athletics Queensland and Queensland Athletics and abide by their terms and conditions. Membership fees include registering the athlete with the appropriate organisation. You can learn more by clicking on their logos in the footer of this website.

How much does it cost?

Prices are determined by the elected committee before the start of each season. You can view current prices by clicking here. Note: If you receive Centrelink payments, you may be eligible for a Get Started Voucher (QGrants) which can be used to cover an athlete's membership fees for the season. More information can be found on our Pricing Page. Unfortunately we are unable to pro-rata membership fees which means full payment is required regardless of how far into the season it may be.

Do you have a payment plan? Are the fees pro-rata?

No we don'f offer a payment plan. You may be eligible for a Get Started Voucher (QGrants) if on Centrelink payments. Learn more here. New members (Tiny Tots & Little Athletics only) are entitled to two (2) trial nights. For a nominal fee, an athlete may participate in the events of the night. See more details here. No, unfortunately we're unable to pro-rata fees. Athletes are welcome to join anytime but will be required to pay full fees to join the club regardless of how far into the season it may be.

How does it all work, When does the season start and finish?

We're glad you asked. Firstly, it all works with the help of all our volunteers. Please consider how you can help. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more. Club nights are on Friday and the season runs from September to March (approximately). There is a break over Christmas. We ask for our wonderful volunteers to arrive around 4:45 pm on Friday afternoons (Childers Showgrounds) to set up for the night. The goal is to start at 5:30 pm. The athletes are asked to sit quietly as announcements are made. Please pay close attention so you don't miss any important information. Shortly thereafter the night begins. Each age group will have an Age Manager responsible for taking them to each event (4-5 events a night depending on age). Multiple events are run simultaneously so caution is required when moving around the field. Typically, the night finishes around 7:30-8:00 pm. In addition, financial members are eligible for training sessions on Tuesday afternoons (during school terms) with our coaches. This is usually from 4:00 - 5:00 pm. The club does run a competition over the season based on points. Learn more here. Results are recorded online with Results HQ. Once loaded by our volunteers, they can be viewed anytime. Logon details will be issued. The main focus for athletes is to achieve as many PBs (personal bests) as they can. Basically, this is to see if they can beat their previous best effort.

What is my role as a parent/carer?

VOLUNTEER ROLE - Please visit our Volunteer Page to find out more. Little Athletics is a voluntary organisation, centres cannot operate without the assistance of parents each week in fulfilling the many and varied duties required. These include officiating at an event; managing an age group; recording results; working in the canteen; to name just a few. Most centres have parent assistance rosters. Additional assistance is always required on the centre committees and all parents are encouraged to become involved. Little Athletics is one of the few sports where parents can become fully involved in their child’s sporting interests.

At Little Athletics Queensland we understand that just like our athletes, our parents come from a diverse range of backgrounds and as such have different talents and experience. There is a place for everyone at Little Athletics and there are a number of ways that you can become involved. You may have skills that the centre doesn’t even know they need. So if you think you can help with something, let the committee know.
PARENTAL ROLE Regardless of whether or not this is your first involvement as a Little Athletics parent, it is always worthwhile, at the start of each season, to consider what your role will be over the next six months or so.

Your child is in a sport that provides an opportunity for immediate and long term benefits. The benefits include: higher levels of fitness; better health; a pleasurable social environment and the satisfaction derived from skilled performances. Little Athletics can provide a launching pad for a life-long involvement in sport, whether it be elite or purely recreational.

Just as important as any of the above benefits is that Little Athletics provides children with the chance to have fun - TO PLAY. Please do not ever lose sight of this!

Unfortunately, all of the potential benefits of involving a child in a sport can be quickly lost due to one very important factor - ADULTS.

Do not underestimate the effect that you can have on your child’s long term participation in and enjoyment of sport.

By taking a considered, understanding approach, a parent can be their child’s most valuable asset.

What happens if it's raining?

We do have a procedure for wet weather. Unfortunately, we do have to cancel club nights at times. However, sometimes a modified program is an option. Visit our Club Policies page to learn more.

What if I'm new and/or my little athlete has never participated before?

Welcome! All skill levels and experience (or lack thereof) are most welcome to join in the fun and fitness. There are no entry level requirements. All athletes are free to participate at their own discretion and as comfortable. This applies to the Tiny Tots right through to adults. If you'd like some basic tips, visit the Handy Hits page.

Do athletes need to have a uniform and how much does it cost?

Buying the uniform is only compulsory for Little Athletics (See Age Table to determine this) that wish to participate in official Little Athletics Competitions (those outside of our club nights). The Little Athletics Queensland sponsored events athletes may compete in ( voluntarily) also have a nomination fee. Our club usually participates in:

  • Spring Carnival
  • Pentathlon
  • Regional Championships
  • State Championships (if qualify from Regional Championhips).
AGE GROUPS & UNIFORMS Tiny Tots: Free shirt provided by the club thanks to sponsorship by Childers Family Medicine. Little Athletics: Not required for club nights or Tuesday afternoon training sessions. Compulosry for official competitions as noted above. Big Athletics: Not compulsory To learn more or buy a uniform please visit the Unforms Page.

Where do I place the patches and labels on the Little Athletics Uniform?

This is a very commonly asked question. Click here to see a diagram. You can also download the PDF from this page too.

How does the club competion work?

This competition is a part of a fully paid membership. Click here to learn more.

Can an athlete join the club anytime?

Yes. An athlete may join anytime during a season. However, please note the following considerations. We are unable to offer pro-rata fees. Full fees will be required (regardless of how far into the season it may be). New members may trial two (2) nights for a nominal fee. There will be less time for the athlete/s to earn points in the club competition. Nevertheless, we encourage participation and working towards PBs (personal bests). Don't allow this to discourage joining up and gaining all of the other benefits.

Can I trial a club night?

Yes for Tiny Tots and Little Athletics only, please click here to learn more.

Do you have qualified coaches?

Yes we do. Our volunteer coaches do their very best to teach our athletes proper techniques to enable maximum performance. Learning the correct rules and regulations also reduces the disappointment from disqualification when competing at official events. For fully paid members: To gain the most benefit from this awesome resource, please consider joining the training sessions on Tuesday afternoons (4:00 -5:00 pm).

How do I join?

For first time members: Please click JOIN OUR CLUB now. This will give you both online and offline options. If you do register online, you have the option of paying by card online or you can wait until the season starts to pay by cash on club night. Little Athletics offline - If you choose to download the application form, please complete it as best you can and bring it along with you to your first club night along with your payment. Our volunteers will help you from there. If you prefer, forms will be availabe from the canteen on club nights for you to fill in. If you'd like to do a trial first you can. Please click here to learn more. You are welcome to complete a registration form even for a trial (this can save you time later). Big Athletics offline - If you select the offline option, you will be asked to provide your contact details. One of our volunteers will contact you as soon as possible to ask a few questions and explain the next steps. For returning athletes: If we have your correct email address on file, you will receive an email when registrations open for the new season. This email will give you your links and passwords necessary to sign up again. If you don't receive the email or we don't have your correct address, please email us.

What payment methods do you accept?

CLUB BANK ACCOUNT - Bendigo Bank NAME: Isis District Branch Little Athletics Inc. BSB: 633 000 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 163 716 756 REFERENCE: Your name & payment purpose Excellent question. Club membership payments can be made online as part of the registration process. Please note that you may register online and make payments offline with cash on a club night. You may also pay by direct deposit into our bank account. For other payments (eg. uniforms and nomination fees) we accept cash or direct deposit into our bank account. Unfortunately we don't have EFTPOS available at this time to keep costs down. NOTE: Thanks to Bendigo Bank we will have EFTPOS available at certain times during high demand - please contact us to ask about this.