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Points & competition


Athletes will receive the following certificates:

  • Club awards as achieved

  • Season completion certificate (issued at the end of the season for all athletes who are current after the Regional Championships). 



Trophies are issued after the season has ended and the recipients identified.  An Awards Night is held which incorporates the AGM and dinner.  A points system is used, those with the highest points win.  One (1) point is allocated for every event completed during club nights and two (2) points are awarded for each PB (Personal Best).  Some recognition awards are determined by the elected committee members.


  • Junior Club Champion (one boy and one girl)

  • Senior Club Champion (one boy and one girl)

  • Adult Club Champion (one man and one woman)

  • Clubmanship Award (for services beyond call to the centre and members)

  • Encouragement Award (Senior and Junior) 



A plaque will be presented to all athletes completing their first year with the club.  Please take care of it as you will be required to return it near the end of the next season.  This is so a new disc can be added to reflect the current season's completion.


trophy plaque.jpg


Any PB (personal best) obtained when competing at an external competition

(eg. Spring Carnival) doesn't count towards club points. These events will provide their own awards if achieved.

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