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Central Coast Regional Combined Events Carnival - 10th November

We're hosting this event this year! To allow us time to prepare for this busy day our club night scheduled for Friday 9th November will be cancelled. Please consider joining the carnival the next day and please put your hand up to help. We're going to need all hands on deck. We want this to be an awesome day for the athletes and it's a great opportunity to support our club. Plus we'll be on show to many clubs from our region. See you there. Below is a list of the events, it's $6 per athlete and will be a great day for all. Register NOW.

Our club night scheduled for Friday 9th November will be cancelled.

We are hosting the Regional Combined Events Championships on the 10th of November. This event was previously known as the pentathlon. If you look at the event list you will notice the older kids are now contesting a heptathlon.

In a combined events carnival you must compete in the prescribed events. You must compete in all of them to score points that count towards the final results (and determine medals).

It will be a day/night carnival, starting at 12:30pm and concluding around 6:30pm. Under 7's to Under 17's may enter. Cost is $6 per athlete. Tiny Tots and Under 6's cannot enter this event. Any kids from these age groups that happen to be there because older siblings are competing will be welcome to play with our extensive range of Tiny Tots toys.

We need lots of helpers on that day. I guarantee there is a job for everyone!

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