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Little Athletics is a voluntary organisation, centres like ours cannot operate without the assistance of parents/carers each week.  There are many duties that require the service of an adult which means there is something everyone can do.  When everyone contributes, things run smoothly and no one is overworked. Most importantly, we can run successful club nights for our athletes.  Please don't feel you have nothing to contribute.  It is not our intention to inflict stress on anyone and you won't be asked to perform a task beyond your ability.  Having said that, rest assured all the tasks that need to be done are able to be learned.  All we need from you is a willingness, like the athletes themselves, to have a go.  We will show you what to do. You will not be condemned for making a mistake either. 


We also don't want anyone so busy they can't enjoy some time watching their children perform.  Often, by volunteering you are able to spend time with your little athlete.  On this page is a list of the regular tasks and roles we need to cover.  There are other ways you can assist beyond this list below (eg. Canteen/Fundraising).  Have a look through and you'll see there is nothing too difficult. Volunteering will also give you a sense of satisfaction because you will have made a contribution to the night.  You will have the support of the committee and other members and won't be left in the deep end.  You have nothing to lose by having a go.   Click the button (I want to help) now to register your details or talk to us on club night.


If you don't have any children in Little Athletics and would like to help, please contact us to discuss options (A Blue Card may be necessary but we can help with that).

Volunteer Roles


Our equipment needs to be brought out and set up before we can begin a club night.  The more helpers we have, the quicker we can be ready and the less often people will need to be rostered on. 


  • Hurdles (when needed)

  • Shot puts & circle ring

  • Discus & safety net erected

  • High jump mats and bars x 2

  • Long jump pit raked and ready

  • Javelins taken to position x 2

  • Timekeepers table set up


Once all events have been finished for the night, it's pack up time.  All equipment needs to be carefully returned to the shed and stored neatly and securely.  Again, many hands make light work.  Care must be taken to avoid leaving anything out for the sake of other users of the grounds and to protect our equipment.  Everyone would like to go home in a timely manner so please get yourself on a roster.


completing EVENTS

Events are typically run in age groups. Each group will need an Age Manager (see below).  In addition, more helpers are needed to safely and efficiently process each event. Some groups are quite large and need extra help.


  • Track Events - Place Judges are needed to help determine the order of finish for the athletes (eg. 1st, 2nd, 3rd).  Click here to learn more.

  • Recording of results - this applies to all events.  Clipboards are issued with the athlete's names ready to record results. 

  • Measuring - this applies to all field events and needs at least two people (one on each end of the tape measure).   

  • Supervision - this applies to all track and field events.  Adult supervision is required to ensure appropriate behaviour of children.  Primarily this is for safety reasons (eg. children must not play around with shot puts whilst waiting their turn).

  • Set up for next athlete - this includes retrieving shot puts and discus, raking long jump pit, returning high jump bar or adjusting the height. 



Without an age manager, a group of athletes will simply not be able to compete.  That's not a situation anyone wants so please put your hand up to have a go.  If you have a child in a group then you are most welcome to manager that group. Conversely, you may like to manage another age group.  In short, the Age Manager is the leader for the night. They will take the athletes to each event as outlined in the plan.  For larger groups, it is expected other parents/carers will assist.  Click the button below to see a PDF summary of the role. 

On your mark - set - BANG! For running events 400 metres or less, that's how it goes.  Who doesn't like to make loud bangs at times? What a fun job but a critical one for sure.  Click here or the button below to read some tips and learn what's involved in being the starter for a night.  


This is another very critical role when it comes to athletics.  In this position, you get to sit down and use a stopwatch.  We have two (2) timekeepers to ensure the most accurate results are recorded. You will work closely with the Starter to let them know when you're ready.  This job keeps you popular with all the athletes.  You'll have the information they want to know.  Click the button below to read more about this vital role. 



We need someone with great patience and creativity to fill this position.  If you've ever had children or been around them for a time, you're qualified.  This is an awesome opportunity to be involved with the youngest athletes.  You will be able to play a vital role in setting these little ones on a path to loving all things athletic.  Have a read of the policy (button below) to learn the guidelines.  You know it'll be a blast.  



This is remarkably easy to do.  The more qualified officials we have (and for Little Athletics in general) the better for everyone.  Easy, multiple choice open book test to complete.  If you'd like to dig in just a bit deeper this is a very valuable way you could contribute to the club.  Please see a committee member or contact us if you'd like to know more


Do you fancy stepping into a committee role?  Any assistance for any committee member would be most welcome. Nominations for committee positions are taken leading up to the AGM each year.  You don't need to wait until then to get involved.  Speak to us today about any position you're interested in.  Any serving committee member would be delighted to show you around the position.  You would have the opportunity to assist anytime if you wish.  Click here to see the positions listed and who holds them this season.  Click the button below for more information on committee roles.  

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