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Welcome to Isis District Athletics Club

We regard our club as our sporting family.  We train and compete in a supportive environment where everyone works to be their best.  You won't hear talk about winning or losing, instead, discussions will be about PBs (personal bests).


Isis District Little Athletics Centre was formed in September 2000 by a small team of dedicated volunteers who had a vision for our area.  This vision was all about the children, seeing them shine.  It's not just about athletics, it's about self-esteem, friendships and life skills.  Thanks to the commitment of so many over the years we're getting ready to celebrate 20 years in 2020 (Click here to learn more).  This is going to be an awesome celebration of what has been achieved over the years.  There have been many lives impacted by time spent with our club, some of it in athletics, some in life-changing transformations.  A generation of youngsters can proudly say that they were a part of our club.    A new era has begun with the addition of our adult athletics club that commenced in the 2016/2017 season.


It's exciting times for our club and we invite you to join us in this time of growth.  Our primary purpose is fun, fitness and personal growth.  We're all about people having a go and recognise effort above achievement.  Having said that, we support healthy competition for the ambitious.  To be as inclusive as possible we now cater for athletes from ages 3 to 99 plus.  Everyone is welcome regardless of fitness level, expertise or experience.  Fun and friendships are the goals.


We are affiliated with Little Athletics Queensland and Queensland Athletics.  All athletes aged from 3 to 17 (see age table here) will be registered with Little Athletics Queensland and the rest with Queensland Athletics.  There are many benefits to being covered by large organisations but it does mean we have to abide by certain rules and conditions (you may click the logos below to visit their websites for more information).


We are part a not for profit organisation so we do need to raise the money we need to cover operating costs, equipment, affiliation fees etc.  We strive to keep the costs to parents/carers to a minimum.  You can find out about our Pricing by clicking here (if eligible, you may apply for a QGrants "Get Started" Voucher to cover membership fees).  For Little Athletics, new competitors may trial two (2) club nights at a nominal fee before being required to join. 


Nobody associated with our club is financially rewarded, we're all volunteers.  Please visit our Volunteers Page to learn more about how important this is and how you can be involved.  The simple truth is that without volunteers we don't have a club and everyone misses out, especially the children.  It's also a very good thing for all of us to have some time away from our screens. What are you waiting for?


We run a summer season that starts in September and finishes around March each year.  You may check the calendar or season handbook for exact dates when available.  Our club nights are on Fridays from 5pm - 8pm (approximately).  There are additional competitions that members may participate in if interested.  Some require performance qualification and there are additional costs.  We run a significant five-week program of events that allows athletes the opportunity to experience a wide range of skills. You can view the program here when available. Additionally, current members may also benefit from training sessions offered on Tuesday afternoons from 4pm - 5pm during school terms. 


Finally, for the safety, fairness and benefit of all participants and volunteers we do have specific requirements for all members.  Some of these rules are determined by our oversight and others have been drafted by our volunteer committee. You can take a look by clicking here.  Thank you for visiting and we hope you too can become a part of our club, make your mark on our history.  

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